A downloadable game

Juego hecho en Unity. Aún en proceso. El juego recrea el Resident Evil original. Este juego está hecho para fans y no hay ánimo de lucro en su desarrollo.

Gracias por descargar la beta. Pronto actualizaré con mejoras. Estaos al loro!

Game made in Unity. Still in develope. The game revisit the original Resident Evil . This game is made only for fans and was made without any intention to make profit.

Thanks for download this beta. Soon i will update the game. Stay alert!

UPDATE 9/15.2021


W,A,S,D para desplazarse

Shift mantenido para correr

Click derecho para apuntar y dejar de apuntar

Click Izquierdo para disparar

Ruleta de ratón para cambiar de arma

E para interactuar

Alt+F4 para salir del juego


W,A,S,D to move

Shift to run

Right click to aim 

Left click to shoot

Mouse Wheel to change weapon

E to interact

Alt+F4 go out the game 

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCotdZWPy7pM85MiT6N146hA

Twitter : https://twitter.com/RichardAiken17

Sketchfab : https://sketchfab.com/Perriqueso

Updated 9 days ago
Published 24 days ago
StatusIn development
Tagsbiohazard, evil, FPS, perrurri, rebecca, resident, resident-evil, Survival Horror, Unity, Zombies




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Thanks for this awesome game demo/remake . I really like the graphics style that looked like the fmv graphics from the original resident evil and it really retains the original feal of the ps1 game with all the sound effects but in fps mode . I played it as much as I could until I could not progress any further due to the battery bug where I put in the red gem stone but I could not pick up the battery . It was challenging to complete the entire demo without saving and I had to replay it 4 - 5 times due to dying in my previous runs . I once died to being stuck in a doorway and the zombie killed me because I could not move , this happened where you replace the broken shotgun with the new one so maybe remove the zombie from that room or put him far from the door . If you will continue to develop this demo/remake , add some ink ribbons and fix the battery bug as I said and possibly fix the character menu to show actual health state and to pick up herbs to use when you need them .

That's another thing I've noticed too, that the Health state isn't portrayed accurately sometimes. A lot of props to the creator, having the game as it is is more than I can wish for. Also given his previous comment I don't think Ink ribbons  will be added. Or at least not in the next patch.


Yo! First off, I'm super into what you've done here. im already having a nostalgia induced BLAST. It's the midway remake I never knew that I wanted.  I do have a couple of questions, though; 1: I saw someone say that you can open the inventory with "i"? I cant seem to find an inventory, at all, so i'm having a hard time keeping up with my ammo, or anything else i may have picked up. 2: Is it finished, or do you plan to expand on it? maybe adding save states, or a pause menu?

ITS GREAT EITHER WAY. get back to me if and when you can.


I cancel the inventory in this version what i updload before. I don´t think gonna work properly... Im doing cutscenes and rebuilding all enemy and adding some more but i see imposible to stand a save system in this thing. Im glad to read you become some nostalgia so i feel realize knowing it!

I can’t get past the character select screen. I’ve tried every single keyboard input :(

Never mind. I realized holding the E-key for a little while let me pick my character. Looking forward to trying it out! :)


Just had a go of this and think it is an amazing idea, really like what you have done so far and it's showing real promise. It's cool that it looks like you're playing one of those FMV sequences from the original

Gracias! Thats the idea of this,because im a very bad programmer. Very bad. 


Я бы даже купил эту не официальную игру, настолько она хороша!!

Спасибо разработчику!! Я оставил 5 звезд. Буду следить за обновлением. Это лучшее, что я видел за последнее время. Это детская мечта увидеть бэкграунды из RE1 в настоящем 3D, как они есть на самом деле, поэтому еще раз огромная благодарность Perro за воссоздание и реставрацию!! Высший класс!! Я сидел на краешке стула и боялся открыть следующую дверь...

Я так и не смог войти в комнату с дробовиком из-за страха зомби, только чуть приоткрыл дверь и дальше не смог.. Может смогу в следующий раз.

Спасибо, друг, что наслаждается этой игрой! Через несколько недель принесу в сеть самую свежую игру.


I love it, pure nostalgia.

There is someway to play in 1920x1080 in window mode? I have a ultrawide monitor so always goes to 2560x1080.

Thanks! I will investigate about aspect ratio...


I absolutely love this I am really looking forward to more work being done on this and how far it comes.

Heyo, is there a way to change the resolution?

The thing is the Game opens up in full screen and entering the main hall I got the "film" stripes literally in the middle of the screen.

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I utterly adore this; I've always preferred the aesthetic of the original Resident Evil vs the Remake and having the ability to walk around and explore it in a perfectly recreated 3D environment is just heaven for me.

My biggest complaint however is in it's current state it's just too hard; I'm struggling to get beyond the east stairwell with the limited ammo, no saves or health. Once a save mechanic is put in I feel it'd be a lot more manageable but personally? I'd love a mode that's not got enemies or items or anything like that; I'd love to just be able to walk about the whole game and explore it! 

The other things are I'd definitely suggest either having the aim look down the gun's sights or the very least a crosshair to be put in as I often find myself missing my first few shots on each enemy just trying to align where I'm pointed.

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Hey PerroAutonomo! i am also a solo developer that likes remaking RE games but im not very good at modeling/animating and such, i work with Unreal Engine 4 not Unity but was wondering if you wanted to share the environmental assets with me and you could continue your Unity version and i could use your environments with better enemy models/ai also blueprint coding is my thing so maybe we can sort something out together, if you wish to speak more just message me on Discord here... "Xem (DEV)#6287" ! , thanks, Xem. PS. yes i have experience as i remade a portion of RE2 a while back using assets from Darkside Chronicles the same way Rod Lima did a while back using Unreal 3, thanks again! again if you need to contact me you can do so here "Xem (DEV)#6287"

While trying to download it through itch.o launcher, it wont let you select the build and it wont let you download it. Going to website itself and getting file and downloading like that works fine though.

Played just 5 minutes of it and yea cant wait to dive in and stream it too!


You press i 

on your keyboard but I think he is reworking it because it used to cause the game to crash. Maybe he will put it back in later builds once he stabilizes it.

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Hey it's me again, I just played the updated version, so here's what I have to say.

First up, optimize the game. My PC can run Minecraft with dozens of mods + shaders and not even heat up my computer anywhere near as much as this game does, I had to stop the game because I was worried my PC was going to explode or crash from how hot it was getting. I notice that the game seems to take extremely noticeable frame drips in both the main hall and dining room area, so there must be something in those areas causing the game to use more memory processing power than it should.

I'm not exactly sure what you are using for instantiating the rooms but I highly recommend looking up something called object pooling, it really helps with optimization, and as much as it pains me to say this, I'd actually recommend not making the game seamless (i.e make each room it's own separate level) unless you manage to optimize it really good so it doesn't make my PC feel like it ingested a nuclear explosion. I wouldn't mind the loading door transitions of the original game, if anything it added to the suspense.

I also noticed that opening the inventory no longer works, I'm not sure if you disabled it or rebinded the key, but if you are going to regularly update this demo, make a changelog that lets us know what has changed, it helps to keep track of things this way.

Also, thank you for fixing the reloading bug with the hand gun, it was a nice change, but I also noticed you have no way of healing wounds in this game, even though herbs are a thing now.

Keep up the good work man.

Technically a modern PC could load up the entire mansion at once so you wouldn't need object pooling or even a streaming system as long as you disable the ai for rooms the player isn't in

This game is a master piece! I managed to reach the hunter part, however, I unfortunately died due to a bug, I escaped the hunter in the L-Shaped hallway where you first encounter the zombie dog (Where you have to move the cabinet in order to find a clip hidden under one of them), as soon as I entered the door with the statue which contains the map in the jug it is holding(Small Gallery room), I somehow teleported to the upper floor where Forest Speyer was, I panicked and accidently knifed him and exploded xD, 

The bug was weird though, I believe it was triggered because I rushed into the room and instantly climbed the small staircase you need to move to access the map on the statue, this somehow bugged and teleported me to the floor above. I was able to touch Speyer without triggering him, so its like my character was next to Speyer, however the game did not register me as actually being there to trigger him to wake up, nonetheless my knife hit managed to trigger the explosion though.    :(

Overall this is really exciting, I can't wait to be able to save so I can go through this again, the hunters are absolutely terrifying. (The cutscene where the Hunters appear looped for about 5 times, just an FYI). 

Finally, nice job job scaring the living hell out of me with Yawn as soon as you enter the Shed. Made me Piss my pants.

Well done! Looking forward for this and thank you!


Bug report - When playing as Rebecca, I picked up the clip from behind the sliding draw in the map room, then when I went back to the main hall and tried picking the clip up from the floor, the game crashed.

Thanks i Will check out today. Thanks you


I always wished for a remake like this, Thankyou for making the dream come true. I appreciate the creative liberty you've used compared to the original as well. Like changing forest Speyer's encounter scared the shit out of me lol.

the rar file is corrupt! Tried downloading on 2 different pc no difference. please reupload the rar file. I really want to try this! 

can you try now¿

still broken. maybe try upload mediafire or some other filehost?


The download worked fine for me

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God Bless You! 

A VR compatible version would make Me happy boy! 

Keep working on this beautiful project! Kudos!

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Wow, your work is phenomenal. Only complain I have is I just wished it was lore friendly: Truly be a prequel to Resident Evil, instead of following the same course of events with different characters..

Anyway, great job, it's truly amazing !

Deleted 9 days ago

I'm also doing this alone and with a pc that is over 10 years old ... haha. I would like the Bravo team to have more history, but I have few resources.

i dont know if there is a way to DM in here, but i wanted to let you know i am currently working on a game project myself, and if i can assist you in making this i would love to, just gotta hit me up, and we can talk about it if you wish


Heya Perro! Do you think that you could implement a controller support? I really suck at playing with a keyboard and mouse XD sorry if the question has already been asked, I tried to look in the comments but there are so many ahah


I will try to implement in the next versions. Stay alert!


Big Resident Evil fan and I really enjoyed this. Do you have any dev logs? I would love to keep up with your progress.


No,i havent :( But i update this site every time im doing something new.


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I just downloaded this a few days ago and Kai from ink ribbon did a video on this and I instantly fell in love with the project and  what you have done with it. As soon as his video ended I said to myself, I need this in my life. I died a lot but I did manage to beat it. It's so cool playing this in first person and you captured the look and feel of the game in a manner I didn't  know was possible. 

I know you are still working on this and as a fan of RE I really appreciate the passion and effort you put into it. Was Zombie Edward and the first hunter supposed to freeze after making their entrances to where the player is? I kind of figured they were place holders or something till you get a chance to put more work into the game. If you gave RE2 for PS1 the same treatment people would lose their minds including myself lol. 

Keep up the awesome work!


Thank you! Nice to read that. I update the game and put on download with a simple simple hunters enemy. Eduard still in T-pose. I will do the same with BIO2 yes. As soon i ``finish´´ this thing.


You're very welcome, again I appreciate your hard work and I can't get over how amazing this is. :D Take your time, no rush. Honestly I am just happy being able to even play this. 

i download the .rar file but i cant play it, also there is no other file for me to download

? So strange...can someone else write here if that happend too??


Thank you very much for this . 

I just finished viewing it on youtube . Uploaded by user bawkbasoup .

Downloaded the BIOHAZARD-UNCOMPLETE.V.1.1.rar but can't seem to go any further.


I can't see the link for  BIOHAZARDPROJECT.ese

BIOHAZARDPROJECT.exe  but did you download the Rar Archive?

No but how do I do that?


This is pretty good. I haven't finished it yet since I keep getting killed but I like what I've seen so far. Nice work. :D

I can't find the download button! XD


Try now!


It works! Thanks a lot,  I'm gonna have fun~



This is amazing! A spectacular take on the original, and almost flawless as well. Keep up the good work and NEVER stop developing!

Some part of this is made with your tutorials. I still need your help!


oh wow that’s awesome! Ask away and I’ll do my best to help. Hope you don’t mind, but I’d like to share this game on my channel.

Its an honor to see a tutorial startin with your : `` Hi! This is Jimmy Vegas....´´ and i gonna teach you how to save,..or how to get inventory. I use to see your channel , Brackeys....and more that i dont remember now but i want to take my time to mentionate in the credits or in a easter egg. Of course you can share this stuff. Despite is uncomplete is for everyone who wanted. Hugs


Awesome game Just seen Bawkbasoup play it :D

Same here, had to try it out for myself!


As is, this is absolutely phenomenal. Put this environment in VR and it’s a dream come true. Very well done.

(1 edit) (+2)

Love the concept of this however I do hope that this does include graphical options later on as I wasn't able to get very far in the game due to ALOT of lag and motion blur. Great job so far though.


I love it! you've captured the atmosphere of the original game very well, of course it needs polish but I'm sure that will come.  the only thing I can ask for is to please give us some kind of easy mode / invincible mode because I'm just not that good - I can't make it past the blue hallway on the east wing - and I would really love to experience the rest of the game!

(1 edit)

So I modified the DLL to give myself infinite health :) but I'm glad I did because it was great to experience the game in full.  I really enjoyed the amount of work you put into getting the atmosphere right for this game - the similarity to the original game is amazing!  Even the unfinished stuff (like the hunter with no AI) was incredibly freaky.

I really look forward to the next versions of this game, thank you for making this!

wowww! really?? how did you do that! I update yesterday with an intro. Thanks for playing and for cheating too haha!

(3 edits)

haha yeah I can live with being a cheater :) the game is fun but I would need to take a lot more time than I have to get really good with the knife in order to do it legitimately

So here's how I modified the DLL.  There are tools you can get that let you rebuild the source code of .NET applications by reading the bytecode in the DLL file - I used "ILSpy" with the "Reflexil" plugin to do this.

All your game scripts are compiled into "Managed/Assembly-CSharp.dll", so I just needed to find the right class name (Health_and_Damage) and make a change to it.  I just deleted the code inside the "SumarVida" and "RestarVida" methods and that did the trick :)

BTW thanks for mentioning this project to Kai Morgan, I would not have found it without that.


Gracias por esto!! Esta brutal!!! Buen trabajo Keep it up!!


Ey, sale el libro de Agujeros de Guión en una de las habitaciones?

si jejejeje

(1 edit) (+2)

Ok. I'm going to give a very constructive review of this because this is an awesome but incredibly flawed game (so far, anyway).

I absolutely adore the fact that you managed to completely capture the aesthetic, quality, and feel of the original Spencer Mansion look in Full 3D. Not many developers have been able to do something like this. I don't know how you managed to accomplish that but I applaud you for it because I work with Unity and I've been trying to capture this style of graphics for a long while and haven't been able to figure it out.

I always wondered how RE1 could've been if it had Mikami been able to realize his original vision of the game being in first person before he had to go with the cinematic yet dare I say overrated fixed camera style due to technical limitations.

I also like that the characters have fully rendered shadows rather than just a circle shadow. This almost feels like I'm playing RE7, and that's a good thing because I love RE7.

Unfortunately, that's where my praise ends.

For starters, I couldn't figure out how to start the game. The menu loaded up and everything, but I could only use the WASD keys to navigate and I had to press "E" to do select. 

You need to have some text on screen that display navigation controls, not only that, but there also needs to be a controls menu that shows you what the controls of the game are, because I ended up going into the inventory screen and not knowing how to get back out of it.

There is also no visual indication on how to pick up objects like the gun. I did pick it up but I was not sure of which button I pressed to do so because the game wouldn't tell and I was randomly pressing buttons.

The other thing is that the inventory menu doesn't pause the game. This is fine in a game like RE5, 6, and 7 where the world is still visible despite being in the inventory, but I ended up getting killed by a zombie offscreen because I was trying to figure out how to equip the gun in the inventory.

Also, one of your sound effects, specifically the outside area sound effect, has a discord ping sound effect that kept confusing me into thinking someone was contacting me on discord.

The other thing I would change, and I know this was in the original game but it doesn't work here because it's seamless in comparison, when you're in the main hall and you go upstairs, the music turns off. I'd actually change this because in the original the upstairs area was a separate section instead of a seamless area like it is here.


Thank you! The highlight of this is how you said,the aesthetic view of this game. Thats what was at the first time. Only a walkable game to see all the scenario with the specific style of Resident Evil game in psx. But with the time i pretend to be a programmer or do more complicated things and thats what you see at the moment in this build. Im keep changing things everyday,but think im doing alone everything and im very very bad programmer(no idea to do complex stuff and scripts) . I like you say the bad points of this,helping me to focus on it. I will update soon and i try to implement changes about what you said,excepting the music in the Main Hall. The absence of music in the second floor gives that kind of tense feeling about something gonna happend. And i dont know what noise about discord is sound on the game.Thats very weird thing i didnt notice at all!


Ok, when you start the game and you're outside the mansion, before you walk into the main hall. The sound effect of the outside area has a discord ping in it's loop. It's faint, but I can hear it.

ah ya ya i see! 

Also, reloading the gun doesn't put ammo it. When I try to aim it just keeps reloading

For some reason I keep getting this error message telling me that I can't download and keeps saying cannot read property "build" of undefined.

Mmmm no idea....I try to download and was success...

How many gb is it?

almost half gb

That's so weird, it's not installing for me...

The game doesnt install... try to put the archive from rar to a new file or empty file...


How i start the game, the main menu have options like "new game" and "load game", but i press all keyboard buttons and nothing happend :(, also i try click with all mouse buttons and dont work eighter :(

Press W to start and E. It doesnt work?


Hoo, "E" works fine, thank you, by the away, this is a amazing project!!!

Thanks you!! Im perro too! I feel sorry about all the bugs but the game still in process.

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